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Wrigley takes a Christmas photo with his family, Jacob, AnnMarie and MaryClair.

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Family in Delcambre wants to know who murdered Wrigley

Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office investigating crime

DELCAMBRE - Who murdered Wrigley?
Recently, there was a murder on Country Drive, a dead-end street, located next to Landry Park in Delcambre.
Thursday morning, deputies from the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office were searching for the killer. They spent the morning questioning those who live on Country Drive.
They were searching for anyone who heard a gun shot last Friday. Wrigley was found dead on Tuesday, floating in a drainage ditch that flowed into the Delcambre Canal at the end of Country Drive. He was murdered less than a mile from his house. A necropsy was done on Wrigley, and medical officials found bullet fragments in Wrigley’s head. He was killed execution-style.
The Broussard family in Delcambre was heartbroken when they learned how Wrigley was killed. They are now offering a $3,000 reward for anyone who knows who killed Wrigley.
“Wrigley was a part of our family,” said Hollie Broussard. “He was supposed to grow up with my children.”
Wrigley was a three-year-old Goldendoodle dog. A Goldendoodle is a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle.
Phillip and Hollie Broussard, and their three children, took Wrigley into their lives three years ago. They spent hundreds of dollars training the dog to live with them. Certain times of the day, Wrigley would be let outside to go do his business, and the dog would make his way back to the door to let the Broussards know he was ready to come back into the house.
Last week, Hollie, who is working at home, let Wrigley outside to do his business. After a while, she noticed he never returned to the door. She got the three children dressed, and they all went outside to look for their beloved pet. No Wrigley.
They began searching up and down the street and then expanded their search to south of Delcambre and into the town of Delcambre. Still, no Wrigley.
Hollie began to panic and feared the worst. Wrigley was lost. He wandered far from the house and could not find his way back. She called her parents in Franklin for help to locate Wrigley. The next day, family and friends began to search. They made posters and scattered them throughout the parish. “Bring Wrigley Home” was the headline on the poster and yard signs.
On Sunday, Hollie and family walked down Country Drive again and went to the end of the road. They saw what they thought were two dead deer floating in a drainage canal so they hey left. On Tuesday, Hollie received a phone call from someone who said they might have found Wrigley. What Hollie thought were deer, were not. One may have been a deer but the other was Wrigley.
Devastated seeing her fourth child floating in a drainage ditch, she called her dad and brother, who live in Franklin, for help to remove him. They rushed over and removed Wrigley.
She did not sugar coat telling her children about what happened to Wrigley. She told them the truth.
The Broussards called the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office because they knew someone murdered Wrigley. She wanted to be 100 percent certain Wrigley been shot and killed. A necropsy (dog autopsy) was done, and it was determined Wrigley died as a result of a gunshot to the back of his head.
That did not sit too well with the Broussards.
“I just want justice,” said Hollie. “I realize Wrigley is an animal and not a human, but someone needs to be arrested and charged with a crime.” Hollie plans to file a civil suit against the person who shot and killed Wrigley.
Like losing a loved one, the Broussard family is still grieving about the death of Wrigley. His bowl of food and water remain on the floor where it has always been. Someone is missing in their lives this morning. It is Wrigley.
“Who would do this?” she said.


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